WHY OLSEN Bikes Like Lights??

WHY OLSEN Bikes Like Lights??

MORE HOPE is out there.... Reading WHY OLSEN Bikes Like Lights?? 3 minutes Next The Smaller sized Bike CONCEPT:

Sourcing and Selecting Olsen LED Lights.

Sourcing Vs Design:
Before Olsen Bikes my day job was designing commercial lighting, everything from waterproof fish tank lights to spot lights used for art galleries.  With the development of LEDs over the last 10 years, LEDs have over taken Tungsten Halogen and Metal Halide. Then Lithium-ION batteries came along and allowed lighting to become smaller. LEDs are a compact light source, so reflectors and lenses project most of the light forward.

Like Smart Phones we are probably close to reaching the peak of the LED lumen per Watt developed.  So why develop something and end up with a similar product?

Looking and Found:
We did not want to compete with Hope R6 or Exposue Lights 6pack which produce over 3000 lumens.  We wanted compact lighting which was easy to use and portable.  Our criteria was as follows:

  • Safe for Commuting
  • Epic 24hour winter rides (Strathpuffer)
  • Enough light Night rides
  • Ride from Sunrise to Sunset
  • Emergency light after a night out.

Light for Dollar-bucks?
Since spring we had NITERIDER 900 lumen LED Lights. We believe we have found an equvilent.
It has been established (on many forums) that for offroad riding 1500 - 1800 lumens is sufficient.
MTBing?? Get 2 to achieve 1800 lumens for Offroad Night riding.
Less trees and obsticals, less light is needed, so one can ride for longer.

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  • Cree or Samsung LEDs
  • All LED Lights have clips and can be charged via a USB-C port.

900 lumens - 2.2 - 4.5 hours riding - ideal for your next adventure
The MAGNETO F900 allows you to ride 2-4hours - YES it has a magnet on the back for sticking to the top of the tent.
Get 2 to achieve 1800 lumens for offroad night riding.

The MAGNETO F700 -700 lumen Front LED Adventure Torch
At 700 Lumen our Magneto F700 is our premiere front bike light.
Like the F900 but a little bit smaller...

We are really excited about how SAFE this will make us.
The ISOSCELES 100 Lumen Rear LED Light has 180deg visability so that drivers will see you from all angles.

The KRYTEN is a cuboid LED, however each model is different.
KRYTEN FHT200 Front or Rear / Red & White Adventure LED Light
KRYTEN R70 Rear RED LED light
KRYTEN R50BS Rear RED LED light with a brake sensor.

BULLET - Small Emergency Front or Rear LEDs
Small simple waterproof - silicon band clip fits all setposts.
Perfectly compact for leaving in your bag for lighting emergencies.

We have not gone for a huge range - but we hope that our lighting compliments your existing Lights and keeps you riding through the winter.
Commute safe, train safe and stay seen.


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