Who is OLSEN Bikes

My name is Steven Olsen. I worked with other cycling brands like On-One Bikes and Cooper Bikes, before starting my own brand OLSEN BIKES.

I have always loved mountain biking and discovered single-speed MTBing after a crash in the middle of a 50km loop ride. I wanted to design bikes to be for riding long distance with low maintenance.

Olsen Bikes offer touring bikes suitable for bikepacking adventures and beyond. Whether you are Mountain Biking, Gravel Racing or want to Cyclocross, Olsen have a bike for you. The RocknRollout Dropouts tensioners run singlespeed, beltdrive, derailleur, Rohloff Speedhub, Kindernay XIV internal Hub gears.

RocknRollout Dropouts

The RocknRollout Dropout is at the heart of the OLSEN frame design. We have focused our design around the rear derailleur dropout, but taken it further. Most bicycle frames have replaceable dropouts, but they do not allow for anything other than a derailleur. This idea came from the fact that UK riders often have a winter bike, which is often single-speed.
The RocknRollout Dropouts turn 1 Bike into 2 Bikes giving the rider more versatility. Summer bike with derailleur; winter bike as single-speed or internal gear hub.



At OLSEN we made the decision to have the first frames 142mm for the simple reason that 142 is backward compatible with 135mm.
• 142mm will fit the following: Derailleur, Single speed (SS) and Internal Gear Hubs (IGH).
• 148mm Boost – Derailleur, a few SS hubs and IGH (with adaptors) – but is 3mm wider 3mm each side
• 157mm SUPER Boost – Derailleur hubs ONLY.
142mm has been adopted by Gravel bikes and there are loads of single-speed hubs that are 135mm an 142mm... 135 & 142mm are extremely popular with internal hub gears. Rohloff, Kindernay both offer 142mm. Shimano Alfine 11 comes in 135 and the Secondhand Rohloff market is full of 135mm hubs. There are however a lot of PLUS and FAT tyre riders who choose hub gears. Hub gears have wider flanges and a better chainline.
142mm is the winner for versatility and options.

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Riding Bikes through Mud, Sweat & Tears.

Based in Sussex near the South Downs Way - we are used to different types of mud. In fact, Sussex has more than 30 dialect words for mud. The South Downs Way is a mixture of flint, clay and chalk. It's infamous for poor draining soils that set like concrete in summer and porridge in winter.

We have BIKE drivetrains to RIDE the MILES:

LESS NOT MORE- BOX 8 or 9speed Drivetrains:
BOX have developed their Prime 8 & 9 speed drivetrains for ROBUST predictable shifting. BOX drivetrains are built to GO the DISTANCE. BOX 2 is 9speed and BOX4 is 8speed, but both have the gear range of a 1x12 set up.

Singlespeed with a 11speed Cassette:
Singlespeed - the ultimate in drivetrain budgeting. Not only will you save money, but you become a better rider. We can build our bikes with a rear wheel with a 11 speed rear cassette. This means that you can fit 8 - 12 speed cassettes.

Gates CDX Carbondrive with a 11speed Cassette:
Gates Belt-drive will still save you cash, lasting 2-3 winters - fit and forget. Using an 11 speed wheel as above is an ideal way to try Gates CDX Carbondrive.

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Long Distance Riding Training Tips:

OLSEN Bikes started as a brand when I started riding and training along the SOUTH DOWNS WAY. There are charity rides every summer to complete the 100mile route. So what is the ideal bike and how do you prepare?
The South Downs way is a 100mile neolithic trade route which is part of the National Park. It is has over 10 chalky climbs over the 100 miles. It is a challenge to do it in 1 day. Stevo has completed it several times including a sub 10 hour ride on his SINGLE SPEED.

Here are some tips and tricks to enjoy, compete or complete.


Clever Fox...

Singlespeeding is cheap, fun and allows you to ride more, spending less cash. I just do not understand why other people are so reluctant to try. Our great grandparents would have had little or no choice. We can all learn to live with less tech and we all need to convincing to try something new or old…
Here are some gear ratios so that you are never in the "wrong" gear:
• 29er start with 32:19T
• 27.5 start with 32:18T
• 26aint dead start with 32:17T
• Belt start with 39:24T

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OLSEN has a bike that suits the type of terrain and riding you do. Part of the solution to going the distance - avoiding the tears caused by conventional riding - is the Gates Carbondrive.
Gates Carbon Drive brings you Olsen Bikes that are:
CLEAN - Just hose off and ride.
QUIET - The antidote to a high-tech world.
LOW MAINTENANCE - Fit and forget for 10,000 miles.



I have been a Product Designer for 25+years. I ended up working for companies wanting to transfer their production to Asia. Working with a supplier is a relationship. They want to make product to keep their factory busy so they can pay their workers fairly. We have selected one of the best Titanium factories in China. They are close to the Titanium Mills and can hydroform the tubes, CNC solid Titanium inhouse and have skilled welders. Their staff are cyclists so they have a indoor BMX track for their staff to test bikes.

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