Olsen HQ have Titanium Bikes INSTOCK from £1799.

We can build SRAM 12 speed Bikes or Single speed Bikes.  Bikes take 1-2weeks to build depending on your spec preferences.  All of our bikes are specified with HOPE Brakes either Tech3 X2 or E4.  We have Gates CDX Carbondrive for belt-drive single-speed builds. We also have stock of RockShox Forks: 130m Pikes, Recons or 100mm SID forks.


ARDNAMURCHAN is a peninsula in the Scottish Highlands and is well known for its scenic beauty and the Lost Road of Ardnamurchan Gravel Ride.

Pronounced "Aad·nuh·muh·kn" the ARDNAMURCHAN is the ideal bike for GRINDURO Events and COMMUTEERING. Commuting the long way home instead of going to the gym. This is your Bike has 65mm tyre clearance and will run up to 29x2.1” or 700x50c tyres. Wider tyres mean more grip and more comfort on those long fire roads, this bike will take you places and back again.


Shangdu is a historical UNESCO site north of the Great Wall of China, also known as XANADU.

Pronounced "Zan·ah·doo" the XANADU frame is our long distance Bikepacking 29er plus Bike. This is ideal for long rides in the Brecon Beacons, Bear Bones or outer Mongolia. The XANADU has a large cockpit and is perfect for tall riders. Fitting up to 29x2.8” tyres the XANADU is a modern twist on an XC bike, for those who want high volume tyres for grip control and comfort. This frame is at home with a Rigid or 120mm suspension fork.

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KARAPOTI is a long running MTB race in the foot hills of Wellington New Zealand.

Pronounced "Kara·po·tea" the KARAPOTI is ideal for long fast days in the saddle. Ideal for the South Downs Way (SDW). It has loads of bottle points for luggage and bottles. Tyre clearance is 75mm so it will fit 29x2.25” tyres easily with clearance for mud. This is my bike of choice to Single speed the SDW. The Karapoti will also run drop bars for Monster Cross and can run Fixed for Tracklocross and with a 30.9mm seat tube this bike will fit a dropper post.

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MOKIHINUI is the Maori name for the river that cuts through the Old Ghost Road on the West Coast of New Zealand.

OLSEN also have a PINION Gearbox bike – this will take you further with less maintenance.

Pronounced "Mock·ah·newey" the MOKIHINUI Gearbox version will take you further than Trail Centres.  It has a low top tube to protect your crown jewels or nether regions, when you are throwing it off things. It is a good climber and descender, making it perfect for riding in aggresive places. The Mokihinui was designed around the dropper post and both 27.5x3.0” or 29x2.4” tyres. It comes with 29” wheels and will fit 29x2.8” tyres