Olsen HQ have Titanium Bikes INSTOCK from £1799.

We can build SRAM 12 speed Bikes or Single speed Bikes.  Bikes take 1-2weeks to build depending on your spec preferences.  All of our bikes are specified with HOPE Brakes either Tech3 X2 or E4.  We have Gates CDX Carbondrive for belt-drive single-speed builds. We also have stock of RockShox Forks: 130m Pikes, Recons or 100mm SID forks.

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Dropouts: RocknRollout dropouts allows the frame to do 3 things:

  • the rear hanger to be replaced if a derailleur is damaged.
  • splits the frame for belt drive.
  • adjusts the wheelbase for belt/chain tensioning.

OLSEN RocknRollout dropouts can be replaced and 142 can be replaced for 135. 142 is a stable internal hub gear format for Kindernay and Rohloff. 135 has a large second hand market with Rohloff and Alfine11.


T47x92mm BB: We chose T47 as it resolves issues with PF92.   A 92mm shell allows the chainstays to be wider, providing more tyre clearance.  92mm also means that the chainstays can be welded wider on the frame, making the bottom braket area stiffer for belt drive use. 

This might look like another bottom bracket standard, however this is versatile and backward compatible.  FSA and others do adaptors with their versions of T47 and it is available in SRAMs DUB. Wheels MFG do a T47x24mm INBOARD BB which works with Shimano and Middleburn chainsets.


OLSEN Titanium Frames are made from Grade 9 Titanium 3AL 2.5V.  Titanium is the wonder metal. Light, springy and corrosion resistant, titanium frames will last for years. Titanium is difficult to machine and form, however good factories invest in their staff and the machinery. I have selected one of the best Titanium factories in China. They are close to the Titanium Mills and can hydro form the tubes, CNC solid Titanium inhouse and have skilled welders.

Our factory works with us as a partnership, ensuring our designs are robust and manufacturable.

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