The RocknRollout Dropout is at the heart of the OLSEN frame design.
I have focused my design around the rear derailleur dropout, but taken it further.  Most bicycle frames have replaceable dropouts, but they do not allow for anything other than a derailleur.

This idea came from the fact that UK riders often have a winter bike, which is often single-speed.  The RocknRollout Dropouts turn 1 Bike into 2 Bikes giving the rider more versatility.  Summer bike with derailleur; winter bike as single-speed or internal gear hub.

The RocknRollout Dropout allows you to use the following:

  • Derailleur with a 142mm Wheel.
  • Internal Gear Hubs like Kindernay XIV, Rohloff Speedhub and Alfine 11.
  • Gates CDX Carbondrive Belts.
  • Single-speed and Dingle-speed (Manual 2 gear)
  • Fixed Gear for the brave - or long distance rider 

The RocknRollout Dropout splits for Gates Carbondrive:
This is done in 6 easy steps.
1. Loosen the Bottm M8 Caphead bolt.

2. Remove the Top M6 Caphead and M6 locknut. Remove the RocknRoller Dropout.
3. Remove the M5 Countersunk machine screw.

4. And the Splice Plate

5. Replace the RocknRoller Dropout and Top M6 Nut and Bolt

6. Replace the M8 Nut and Bolt.

Adjust the Rocker accordingly to maintain your belt tension using the M5 screw. Note this only needs to be done on the Drive side - however I have also got an adjustment on the Disc side for those who want.

At Olsen Bikes we wanted to design a simple bike that can be changed for the type of riding that you do. The RocknRollout Dropout helps us all in the quest to ride more.