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Honest Hemp Cooling Gel

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Hemp Active Cooling Gel | 300ml
The Honest Hemp Hemp Active Gel was crafted using the highest quality hemp oil, Omega-3, and cooling menthol.
It provides deep, soothing relief for the muscles and joints, making it perfect for post-workout recovery.

  • Fast absorption
  • All-natural extracts
  • Aching muscle and joint relief

Honest Hemp has crafted this amazing Hemp Active Gel using the highest quality hemp oil, omega-3, and cooling menthol.  If you are looking for the ultimate gel to give you joint relief after a heavy workout or just need a little help to get you through the working day, then look no further than this cruelty-free, fast-acting and soothing hemp gel.
Why not use this for a relaxing massage? Treat yourself and indulge a little!