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Blackburn Grid 2 Floor Pump

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Blackburn Grid 2 Floor Pump

Blackburn have built the Grid 2 Pump to be your go to partner any time you need to inflate anything. The LocJaw head is compatible with Presta and Schrader tyre valves and locks on with just a flip of a lever. You can inflate with confidence knowing the Grid 2 is pressure rated 160 PSI (11 Bar), and the high contrast, 2.5 inch, top mounted gauge is easy-to-read at a glance.

  • Steel barrel and base, plastic handle
  • LocJaw pump head automatically fits Presta / Schrader valves
  • 2.5 Inch gauge easy-to-read, high contrast
  • 36 Inch hose
  • Ball needle
  • 160 PSI / 11 Bar