GATES  24T SureFit 3 lobe REAR CDX Cog


GATES 24T SureFit 3 lobe REAR CDX Cog

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GATES  24T Surefit 3 Lobe REAR CDX Cog
CDX Rear sprockets are the best choice for high-mileage touring or rugged off-roading. 


  • Product Line: CDX
  • Product Type: Rear Sprockets
  • Part Number: CT1124XMN-U
  • Tooth Count: 24
  • Shimano / SRAM 3-Lobe
  • Pitch: 11
  • Material: Stainless Steel

    GATES Carbondrive CDX is for HIGH-PERFORMANCE Global trekking, high-mileage touring, competitive racing, or rugged off-roading: Gates CDX line performs in the harshest conditions. Rooted in technology originally designed for dragsters, Gates CDX line brings similar power, reliability, and durability to bicycles. Less weight. Instant engagement.