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IZUMI-V Super Toughness Chain 1/2 x 1/8 106L

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Izumi-V Super Toughness

You won't find a stronger, longer-lasting, or more beautiful chain than the legendary Super Toughness, made from pure Japanese steel. Izumi use a special high-carbon alloy for the connecting pins often used in low-friction ball bearings which offers a 300 percent increase in durability compared to a standard chain. One of the few chains that meets the strict certification requirements of the Japanese Keirin Association (NJS), the Izumi-V is renowned among keirin racers for its strength and efficient power transfer. The proprietary surface treatment increases abrasion resistance and creates the striking contrast of gold outer plates against midnight-blue inner plates.

  • Available in 1/2x1/8 (NJS approved)
  • 380g (1/8-inch pitch, 106 links)