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OLSEN Clickety Click 17T Screw-on BMX Freewheel

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OLSEN CLICKETY CLICK 108 point pick-up 17T Single-speed Freewheel
The OLSEN Clickety Click offers the highest quality screw-on BMX style Freewheel for the discerning single speed or trails rider who wants super quick pick-up.
The Clickety Click uses nine high quality heat treated steel pawls to ensures accurate and positive engagements.
The 9x pawls are offset into groups of three into a tough 36 tooth ratchet, giving the best possible pedal and pick-up response.

High strength Cr-Mo body and cog.
CNC 3/32 Cr-Mo teeth (can accept 3/32 or 1/8chains).
9 pawls system.
108 point pick-up.
1.37 x 24T Standard R/H BMX style thread
Body features 8x tool removal slots - for a 4 dog BMX tool.
Black 7 Nickle finish

Super reliable 108 point 9-pawl freewheel
Special spring system makes the Clickety Click freewheel very loud, so you know its working.