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OLSEN Singlespeed 19T Stainless steel 9Spline Sprocket

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OLSEN Singlespeed 19T Stainless steel 9Spline Sprocket

At OLSEN HQ after many years of destroying drivetrains I have developed the following FLAT ROUND chainrings and sprockets for singlespeed use.

This sprocket will fit any Shimano HG cassette freewheel.


  • Normal "gear focused" chainrings do not last.
  • chainrings are expensive
  • chainrings wear out.
  • every gear feature adds cost.


  • No post machining.
  • No "OVAL" or BIOPACE Cogs designed by marketing departments.
  • Lasercut in the UK from 3mm 316 grade stainless steel.
  • 3mm will fit 1/8" chains
  • can be polished to a high shine