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OLSEN RIBBER 30.9mm 3D Forged 7075 Stealth Seatpost

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We called this the RIBBER because it has horizontal ribs along the shaft.  Any other name would have had us turning up on google under "Carry On" films etc etc.

The Ribber has ribs that serve a purpose, keeping seat post grease down the seat tube of your bike and reducing galvanic corrosion - even on titanium frames.  Aluminium hates Titanium, however with a liberal application of grease this is resolved.

The Ribber is not to be confused with a Knitting Machine and a pub in Portsmouth of the same name.

Stealth finish - No Logos however it does have an insertion level guide ruler..

  • Material : 7075 3D Forged aluminium
  • Diameter : 30.9 mm
  • Offset : 8mm
  • Length : 370mm
  • Weight : 260g