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Runwell & IZUMI Chain FIXER - Silver

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RUNWELL and IZUMI have been working on a new collaborative product.
The FIXER is on a portable bolt tightening tool for connecting track race chain.
A special tool for tightening bolts and nuts joining IZUMI track and singlespeed chains.
You don't have to carry a screwdriver and pliers, you can compactly carry it as a back, pocket, or key chain.
The groove contains a strong magnet that holds the small nut even after it is removed.

The perfect tool for the master link screw for the Izumi super toughness NJS approved chain.

  • Material: Chrome-Vanadium Steel
  • Length: 40mm
  • Weight: 53g
  • Made In Japan
This comes in SILVER, GOLD and JET BLACK.