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OLSEN Water Bottle Cage - Stealth No Logo

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Camels still need water.  Unlike a camel, the CAMEL Water Bottle Cage allows you to carry water in bottles anywhere but your body.  Hydration packs are everywhere, however they are not for everybody.  Water bottle cages fit on your bicycle, allowing you to carry 750ml = 750g of water on your bike and not your back.  750ml does not sound like much but you might need 3x this amount and doing long events or bikepacking this kind of weight is better on your bike.

It also means that your bottles can be washed in the dishwasher... Dishwasher? Yes dishwasher. Ideal for all of those sticky isotonic fuel drinks. If you have a hydration pack you will know that water is best to stop mushrooms and other moulds growing. Everyone needs a bottle for those chores that a hydration pack cannot handle.

  • It is simple
  • Black
  • Has No Logos
  • It also holds our South Downs Way 750ml water bottle.