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Experience off-road adventures anywhere in the world with OLSEN Bikes. Our versatile bicycles are designed for easy riding, offering a range of options for various activities. Whether it's Singletrack Trail riding, Bikepacking, Mountain Biking, Gravel Racing, or Cyclocross, OLSEN has the perfect bike for you.

GRAVEL & Adventure BIKES

Gravel Riding has evolved form its early days of disc's brakes on road bikes to a mature adventure racing scene. Everything blurs at the edges, so we are looking at everything from the mud of Cyclo Cross to the fire roads of Gravel riding. You might want a bit of comfort over a multi-day Gravel event, so we have several Adventure bike builds to choose from.


Our Bikepacking bikes have variations on long distance geometries, making them ideal for Bikepacking. Whether you are riding in the Brecon Beacons, Tour Divide or outer Mongolia. Our bikepacking bikes are designed to use wider tires than traditional mountain bikes, from 29"x2.4" to 27.5x3.0".


There is a reason why our Swan & Ram Trail bikes are so popular... they are FUN! Our trail concept was to have a design that works with 2 tyre formats... Plus sized 27.5x3.0" tyres for grip and 29x2.6" for speed.

Long Distance Riding ...

The South Downs way is a 100mile neolithic trade route which is part of the National Park.

It is has over 10 chalky climbs over the 100 miles. It is a challenge to do it in 1 day. I have completed it several times including a sub 10 hour ride on Belt-drive and SINGLE SPEED.

Here are some tips and tricks to enjoy, compete or complete.

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