Tiger Titanium Bikepacking Bikes

The TIGER frame is our long distance Cross Country 29er plus frame, making it ideal for Bikepacking. This is ideal for long rides in the Brecon Beacons, Bear Bones or outer Mongolia. The Tiger has a large cockpit and is perfect for tall riders. Fitting up to 29x2.8” tyres the Tiger is a modern twist on an XC bike, for those who want high volume tyres for grip control and comfort. This frame is at home with a Rigid or 120mm suspension fork.

The Tiger has a longer cockpit (than the Swan & Lamb) and is perfect for tall riders. It also fits up to 29x3.0” tyres the Tiger is a modern twist on an XC bike, for those who want high volume tyres for grip control and comfort.

rock n rollout dropouts

The RocknRollout Dropout is at the heart of the OLSEN frame design. We have focused our design around the rear derailleur dropout, but taken it further. Most bicycle frames have replaceable dropouts, but they do not allow for anything other than a derailleur. This idea came from the fact that UK riders often have a winter bike, which is often single-speed.

t47 x 92 bottom bracket

There is a lot going on in this part of the bike frame. Tyre and chainring clearance, but also frame stiffness. T47 internal keeps the bottom bracket nice and wide, while resolving the issues with PF92.  A 92mm shell allows the chainstays to be wider, providing more tyre clearance.  92mm also means that the chainstays can be welded wider on the frame, making the bottom bracket area stiffer for belt drive use. 

headset zs44 ec44

I chose the straight 44mm Headset "standard" for several reasons. They are straight and keep a simple look, while hiding their versatility. Zero Stack 44mm (ZS44) top or bottom cups and the External Cup 44mm (EC44) bottom cup. In SHIS codes 44/44 allows for both Tapered Carbon fork steerers using ZS44/EC44 and is backward compatible with straight steerers with either a crown reducer or a ZS44/ZS44 headset. 

a12 rohloff compatible

If you're planning a long-distance bike packing tour, one of the best upgrades you can make to your bike is to switch to a Rohloff geared hub. A Rohloff Speedhub offers a number of benefits over a traditional derailleur system.
Its durability, smooth shifting, and wide range of gears make it the perfect choice for touring on any terrain.