Crowdfunder Offer

We are running a Crowdfunder offer, to de-risk this Hub Steer Cargo Bike project for you. If you are unhappy with hub steering, we can supply you with a new Front end with a standard Fork & hub. However after testing the hub we are excited to be able to put this product into the UK Cargo Bike market.

No Congestion: Low running costs: No parking

e-cargo bikes

CargoN e-Velo have been developing the best "Front Load" Cargo Bikes for several reasons. Front loaders look like they are difficult to ride, however they are not. The advantages are very apparent. Front Loaders allow the load to be lower and more stable than a "Rear Loaders". Front loaders are safer for families and dog owners - allowing the rider to see their precious cargo.

At CargoN e-Velo HQ we developed a front load e-Cargo Bike with "Hub Steering" and a "modular" frame structure that separates for storage and transportation. Our front load design shows innovation, resolving storage issues and load safety.

  • Hub Steering - by removing the fork & steerer, CargoN have a shorter wheelbase, giving a modern distinctive look.
  • CargoN has the lowest Cargo Bike front platform able to tilt 40deg.
  • 20" (BMX format) wheels allow for lowest stand over and shortest wheelbase (under 2m).
  • Modular design allows for several frame sizes, a choice in wheel sizes (20 or 26inch) and several cargo deck lengths, 400, 600 & 1m long.

We have 3 ways for early adopters to save on the usual RRP price. See below:

  1. Pre-Order the Intra-Drive e-Cargo Bike and save £2000
  2. Pre-Order the analogue Pinion smart.shift Cargo Bike and save £2000
  3. Any Cargo Bike Deposit of £999 saves £1000 off the RRP price.

3D printed Titanium

super fast gravel

race around the world

WEGA? Gravel Adventure

This Frame has been designed to be light, using SRAMs UDH to fit Shimano GRX or SRAMs XPLR ASX derailleur groupsets. How do we make a Gravel Bike lighter? We make our frames in the UK, so we can control the process, combining 3D titanium parts and double-butted European Titanium tubes. The Worlds End can run 415mm A-C Lauf GRIT Gen3 suspension forks

uk made steel frames & bikes

Steel Frame Launch Price £699


uk MADE STEEL bikes & frames

With titanium production now in the UK, we have been setting steel production up in the UK to make the Cargo Bikes. We can now deliver in 4-6weeks.

We will offer our standard Titanium bikes in Steel. I have over 10years of designing for Pinion Gearboxes and look forward to the next wave of smart.shift drop bar builds in Steel.

pinion gravel adventures

new 8-bells pinion

Smart.Shift Gearbox with TRP Brifters make this possible.

GRAVEL & Adventure BIKES

Gravel Riding has evolved from its early days of disc brakes on road bikes to a mature adventure racing scene. Every category in cycling is blurring at the edges, so we are looking at everything from the mud of UK Cyclo-Cross to the fire roads of Gravel riding. We have now added a Smart.Shift Pinion drop-bar to the range with TRP Brifters (brake/shifters).

Using Dedacciai and Columbus Olsen Bikes HQ have shaved 150g off the 8-Bells UDH frame, making SRAM T-Type drivetrain a reality. The 8-Bells Pinion can also benefit from the same weight reduction, making for a sub 11Kg gearbox build.

Before Gravel, people were making Monster-Cross bikes, adding drop bars to their 29ers. The Lamb makes an ideal Monster Cross, with a longer top tube than the 8-Bells, however it can be run as drop bar build with a shorter stem.  When your body is suffering from a gruelling day of riding you will need wider tyres for comfort. With a higher bottom bracket height than the 8-Bells, the Lamb has better pedal clearance over rough terrain.

Monster cross or gravel+

lamb Pinion

Choose from Pinion's Smart.Shift or mechanical Gearboxes.


Our Bikepacking bikes have variations on long distance geometries, making them ideal for Bikepacking. Whether you are riding in the Brecon Beacons, Tour Divide or outer Mongolia. Our bikepacking bikes are designed to use wider tires than traditional mountain bikes, from 29"x2.4" to 27.5x3.0".

The Lamb is ideal for long fast days in the saddle. Ideal for the South Downs Way (SDW). It has loads of bottle points for luggage and bottles. Tyre clearance is 75mm so it will fit 29x2.4” tyres easily with clearance for mud. The Lamb will also run drop bars for Monster Cross with a 31.6mm seat tube this bike will fit a dropper post.

The Tiger has a longer cockpit (than the Lamb) and is perfect for fitting upto 29x3.0” tyres. The Tiger is a modern twist on an XC bike, for those who want high volume tyres for grip control and comfort.
This frame is at home with a Rigid or 120mm suspension fork.

bikepacking comfort & control

new tiger pinion

Custom options available now MADE in the UK!


There is a reason why our Swan & Ram Trail bikes are so popular... they are FUN! Our trail concept was to have a design that works with 2 tyre formats... Plus sized 27.5x3.0" tyres for grip and 29x2.6" for speed.

The Swan is a Trail bike ideal for days out in Wales or Scotland Trail Centres. It has a low top tube to protect your crown jewels or nether regions, when you are throwing it off things. It is a good climber and descender, making it perfect for riding in the Peaks and wild trails. The Swan was designed around the dropper post and both 27.5x3.0” or 29x2.8” tyres. It comes with 29” wheels as standard, but just ask if you want 27.5" wheels.

The RAM is similar to the SWAN, however it is designed for bigger 150mm travel forks and fits 148mm Boost hubs... This frame has the same versatility, fitting 2 tyre sizes 27.5+ and 29x2.8".  This frame has Enduro or Trail geometry with 66deg head angle, long low top tube, dropper seatpost (geometry) and Rocker Split Dropouts for belt drive.

fun trail geometry

swan pinion

Custom options available now MADE in the UK!

Wow, excellent first spin of the SWAN-Pinion at local Bent Creek.... Carves and flow drops felt like natural after thoughts.

Eric D. - Swan Pinion - USA

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