Go FAR and FAST.

Go FAR and FAST.


Riding bikes in the UK is all about Mud, Sweat and Tears.

Based in Sussex near the South Downs Way - we are used to different types of mud.
In fact, Sussex has more than 30 dialect words for mud. The South Downs Way is a mixture of flint, clay and chalk.
It's infamous for poor draining soils that set like concrete in summer and porridge in winter.
Choosing Gates Carbondrive ensures your ride or event isn't hampered by mechanicals inflicted by mud. And it means that the clean-up afterwards is fast and efficient.

OLSEN Bikes' testing ground is the South Downs Way. The SDW is a 100-mile neolithic trade route which is now part of the South Downs National Park.
It is has over 10 chalky climbs over the 100 miles. It is a challenge to do it in 1 day. There is also a record for doing the DOUBLE - yes, 200 miles in under 16 hours.
OLSEN has 5 frame designs - compatible with trail, bikepacking and long-distance events - whatever your type of ride, there is an OLSEN Bike for you.

Tears when those gears fail. As drivetrains get more expensive, there are others that quietly get on with it.  OLSEN Bikes have been designed to run Gates Beltdrive, whether single-speed or hub geared, ensuring high performance but low maintenance.  There is a reason behind each of the 5 bike designs. Too heavy and you will not go the distance; too light and things can fail; too stiff and your body will get a battering.

OLSEN has a bike that suits the type of terrain and riding you do. Part of the solution to going the distance - avoiding the tears caused by conventional riding - is the Gates Carbondrive.

Gates Carbon Drive brings you Olsen Bikes that are:
CLEAN - Just hose off and ride.
QUIET - The antidote to a high-tech world.
LOW MAINTENANCE - Fit and forget for 10,000 miles.

Olsen Bikes brings you Gates Carbon Drive:

  • Ardnamurchan: OLSENS take on a GRAVEL Cyclo-Cross and GRINDURO Events.

  • Karapoti: Light XC race frame at home in the South Downs Way.

  • Mokihinui: The Trail bike ideal for days out in Wales or Scotland.

  • Mokihinui GB: As above, but fitted with a Pinion P.1.9XR gearbox.

  • Xanadu: The Bikepacker for long distance and wide tyre comfort.

Olsen Bikes are designed to go far and with GATEs Carbondrive you will go even A further. Pace yourself, go fast and go far.