Olsen Bikes are switching to ELECTRIC

Olsen Bikes are switching to ELECTRIC

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Pinion are Switching to electric and so are OLSEN Bikes...

Bob Dylan went electric.  We have been switching to electric for the right reasons.  Stay tuned for the latest sneak peak into Olsen Bike electric developments.

Pinion Smart.Shift is not just for E-Bikes.
From the end of 2023, the technology will be offered for standard Pinion bicycles without e-motor (battery) support.  Pinion will provide a Smart.Shift version with its own (little) battery. Electric shifting is now feasible on Pinion MTBs and Bikepacking bikes, thanks to the Smart.Shift battery pack.

Pinion have called this Smart Shifting and it is available on special gearboxes denoted with a "i" and are based on the C-line gearbox C1.12i. Olsen Bikes will continue to offer mechanical DS2 shifting with P-Line Models P1.18 and P1.12
Pinion Smart.Shift transmissions differ from P-line transmissions in their internal construction. The key distinctions are in circuit mechanics and sensor technologies. 

What is Smart Shfting?
Pinion have called their electronic push button shifter Smart Shift.
This came from their E-Bike systems, however with a small battery in the Down tube. Switching can be done at a push of a button.

Shift Button E-Trigger TE1
The TE1 ergonomic shifter was designed specifically for electric shifting with Pinion Smart.Shift Technology. The texture of the rubberized button surfaces provides optimal contact areas for the thumb. Individual adjustments can be made to the key assignment.

Smart.Shift Battery Pack.
Electric shifting is now available on non-electric bicycles thanks to the Smart.Shift battery pack. A battery pack with over 20,000 switching operations, equivalent to roughly 100 pure operational hours, was designed for this purpose. The battery is IPX7-rated and can be installed inside or outside the frame by the OEM. The battery may be fully charged in less than 3 hours using its unique cable interface.

Smart.Shift Box
The electrical shifting in the Smart.Shift gearbox is controlled by the Smart.Shift Box. The switching impulse from the E-trigger is sent to the gearbox here.

Connectivity & App
With its own battery, the Smart.Shift system includes a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interface and can thus be connected to the new Pinion Smart.Shift app. Individual settings for switching behaviour and switching button assignment are available here. At a glance, you can see the charging status, software updates, and a service tool. The app is also used by dealers and OEMs to configure and calibrate Pinion Smart.Shift transmissions.

Pinion have put a lot into developing the gearbox and the mechanical twist shifting, while robust and simple does put some customers off.  The Smart.Shift is now an option for shifting simplicity.  This goes further than pushing a button.

Olsen Bikes will include Smart.Shift as standard to all C-Line Bikes.  P-Lines will come with the DS2 mechanical rotary shifter.  There is a place for everything.

Next week something more electrifying... More E-Bikes means less cars on the road and that has to be good for everyone..,