Lamb-C1.12i Smart.Shift Pinion


Lamb-C1.12i Smart.Shift Pinion

Sale price$7,039.00

Long fast days in the saddle. Titanium Gearbox gravel adventure bike.

Size:Small 16

Titanium Gearbox gravel adventure bike.

This Frame is Mountain Cross Country meets Gravel or Monster-Cross. Designed to be versatile, running drop bars or flat bars, this bike will take you out the back of beyond, all from your doorstep. Some might say that this is back to where mountain biking began in the 1980's. Monster Cross have been over shadowed recently by the popularity of Gravel riding, however riding rigid with wider tyres is less punishing. Fitting up to 29x2.2"" tyres, this bike will not punish you unless you want it too.

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